Rugby League World Cup 2017 – Ultimate guide

If you are expecting to watch Rugby League World Cup 2017, you have come to the right page. Here are the ultimate guide and everything you need to know. This ultimate guide is purposely made for both first-timers and the big fans of rugby sport. Without further ado, let’s discuss the topic right away.

Rugby League World Cup 2017

So, What Is Rugby League World Cup 2017?

Rugby League World Cup is an international rugby sports event in the form of the league tournament. This big event’s participants are national teams of Rugby League International Federation. There are 14 men teams and 6 women teams from around the world will be featured in the 2017 World Cup. The events will be hosted in three countries: Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. The epic international tournament was first conducted in 1954.

When Is it happening?

This year’s Rugby League World Cup 2017 is set to happen in October months. Precisely, 2017 Rugby League World Cup time kicks off on October 27 at AAMI Park with Australia vs England matchup as an opener. The games will happen from October 27 to 2 December.

How to Watch Rugby League World Cup 2017?

To watch or Rugby League World Cup Live Stream the games of Rugby League World Cup, there are few options that you could take depending on the residence you are living. If you are residing in Australia, you will be in a big luck. Channel Seven will broadcast all the games of the competition for the Australian region. Meanwhile, SKY Sport will be the broadcaster for New Zealand. Brisbane is set to be the host of the World Cup Finals. In total, there are 13 host cities for the games which are Brisbane, Port Moresby, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Darwin, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Townsville, and Perth.

Watch Rugby League World Cup 2017 Live HD!

If you happen to live in one of these cities, that’s awesome. The world cup games will stop these cities. It does not hurt to purchase the tickets to reserve your seat so that you can catch up with the games with your friends or family.

As mentioned, the venues of the upcoming Rugby World Cup will be in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. If you are an international viewer, you could consider looking at other option like BBC coverage. BBC offers its international viewers to watch live coverage and the highlights.

If you are subscribing this channel, you will be able to catch up with the games on Connected TV, BBC TV, online streaming, and the BBC Sports App. The good thing about using BBC Sports APP is that you can catch up with your favorite games while on the go. So, there is no need to be on time in your living room anymore. Or perhaps, you want to listen to the games on BBC Radio 5 live with the live commentary as well. BBC will bring the live coverage of 2017 Rugby League World Cup across those platforms.

The upcoming 2017 RLWC will be the fifteenth edition of the Rugby League World Cup series. With the three countries hosting the games of the competition, there have been a lot of options to watch the games from your favorite screen. However, not all the options above can work in your country because of certain restrictions. But we can still make it work by staying tuned in the streaming channels from around the world. The channels mentioned above are geo-restricted.

It does make sense that you won’t be able to access if you are outside the designated region. Most viewers who are blocked may look for alternatives. One of the quickest ways to deal with this matter is bypassing the geo restrictions. VPN can come in handy when your location is geo-restricted. VPN – Virtual Private Network will channel you to the main source of the broadcasting safely. VPN is basically a security tool to keep your personal identity private. By connecting to a VPN server, you will browse anonymously. And this will deter the hackers away from stealing your information. But that is not the only benefit of using VPN.

VPN is also beneficial to unblock the Geoblocked channels. With a quality VPN, you can bypass the regional restrictions. The good thing about VPN services is that you don’t have to be an internet savvy to use it. There are many VPN services which encourage you to use it with just a single click of a button. Moreover, you can use these services on your mobile device. So whether you are in your home, or anywhere, you will be able to watch the 2017 RLWC without hassle and fuss.

The Tickets

Rugby League World Cup 2017 has announced the ticket pricing. That is a great news for those who want to witness the spectacular moments in the RLWC 2017 right from the venue. The ticket prices information for the tournament has been completed. So, you will have the opportunity to book your seat from 27 October to 2 December.

The fans of rugby are encouraged to secure the seats earlier so that they will not miss the game in their town. The good thing about the ticket price is that it is not that expensive. For kids, you could pay from $10 for a seat. Adults will cost $20 per seat, while the family can cost around $45 for a family of four. This price is awesome, right?

Andrew Hill, the CEO of RLWC 2017 stated that the tournament was expected to attain 450,000 fans who would attend the 28 games in total across the 13 official hosting cities.

This is significant to what was promised by the CEO. The setting ticket prices are pretty much favorable for all rugby fans around the world. So, the only expenses that you should worry if you are overseas are probably the airplane tickets and accommodations.

The ticket prices will also enable the access to all fans, particularly those who want to watch with groups or families. Now everybody has the same opportunity to attend the World Cup and witness the greatness of rugby game in the world.

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